Some Ideas for GCSE Art Coursework

GCSE Art Coursework

In GCSE, students of art and design have two options to choose their GCSE art coursework. Students can either go for an endorsed course for which students have to work in two areas of study or they can adopt an unendorsed course that require them to work in one area only. Students who adopt an endorsed coursework get two general certificate of secondary education. Coursework to the students of art and design are assigned by their teacher.

Art and design is a subject that demands creativity; therefore, students have to be originative and artistic for handling their GCSE art coursework. Usually, students have to submit a coursework two, three and four times some times for their art and design course. Topics that teachers assign to students are related to fine art, three dimensional design, textiles, graphic design and photography.

Although, students are being assigned a topic by their teachers for an art and design course but they face difficulty in coming up with ideas for their coursework. Therefore, here are a few ideas for students with reference to the topics that might be assigned to them for their GCSE art coursework:

Idea # 1

If your teacher assigned you the coursework to produce a piece of work regarding barriers in art that can be an abstract, landscape or the figurative work. If you plan to adopt a figurative work; then, one good figurative work for you to start your coursework will be Duchamp’s Large Glass that combines chance procedures, plotted perspective studies and laborious craftsmanship.

Idea # 2

If your teacher assigned you the coursework related to textiles. For e.g. your teacher may assigned you a project on uniform; then, there are loads of ideas that you can come up with. Different sports have different uniforms; similarly, uniform of air force, army and navy differ from each other; therefore, you can compare how these uniforms differ from each other for your coursework.

Idea # 3

If you are assigned a coursework related to photography; for e.g., you may be assigned to submit a work on reflection; then, there are loads of ways for you to portray the reflection with the aid of photography i.e. you may create a landscape showing the sunrise or reflection of a particular object in sun glasses.

Hence, these were a few ideas to help students in their GCSE art coursework. Hopefully, students will not require searching for ideas for GCSE art coursework examples after reading this article.

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