The Refund Policy Detailed Explanation

Since this online service is operating in the most legitimate ways we leave no uncertainties. All the regulations and detailed background or explanation of any of our policy or terms of use should be transparent and understandable to the users. Only place an order after attaining complete understanding of the product. This writing aims to target all the students who want to use our services and want to understand the refund procedures and policy. Requesting a refund should always be your last resort as we strive to serve you at every step no matter if something goes wrong.

A user will be justified to ask for a refund if the following situations are prominent in the case matter;

  1. Plagiarism at an extent that cannot be changed.
  2. The quality of the paper so gross that there are no chances of improvements.
  3. No solutions provided even after so many attempts.
  4. A delivery delay that was uninformed.

Tour writers, customer support and other staff are trained under one slogan and that is “Customer comes first and Customer’s benefits are our priority”. This is the core concept why we allow refund guarantee. Upon your demand for a reimbursement or refund we shall engage our expert quality assurance officers to determine the problem caused and analyze it to ensure if a refund request is valid and should be served.

The process will involve a careful analysis of the entire case matter and your testimony as well.

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