How To Write A Bibliography

In order for us to know how to make a potential bibliography suitable for a dissertation or thesis we should analyze and understand what is a bibliography and what is its importance in the dissertation or thesis paper. The better you understand the concept of a bibliography and its importance in the dissertation or thesis paper the better you can make it.

A lot of students are confused about making a bibliography because they have never seen one. Without knowing it you can certainly not make it.


Bibliography is a set of references for the matter in writing content organized particularly according to a standard. You see a book that has a list of references in the end then you should realize that this is bibliography. But bibliography not just a set of references for your write up but it’s arrangement in a specific patter is what makes it important.

The difficult that writers face while making a bibliography is this particular point. The arrangement of references as per the citation style in your bibliography. What comes first what comes next etc. References are important for your write up because they authenticate your content on the basis of other reliable and intellectual writings. The reference in itself has to be taken from a relevant source and should weigh enough to hold your argument upright.

If your book knowledge about your area subject is weak then you will never be able to make a good reference list.

1. A set of references arranged as per a determined standard.
2. References relevant to your area of research.
3. Citation style of the references as per the order of the standard.
4. Sequence of references as per the standard.
5. Authority books and acceptable reference collection from famous books.

The Importance And Making Of A Bibliography.

The importance of a reference can be understood with the phenomenon of superior authority. An argument weighs more because it is endorsed by an intellectual or philosopher whose thoughts or sayings are considered to be authentic in that domain or area of research.

For example if you are making a physics bibliography then Einstein or Newton quotations or theories can be a solid and weighing reference. It is important for you to use such solid references that are recognized and acceptable but never forget to use them with the correct citation style.

If you are making a political science assignment or dissertation then the references should be from main stream political theories. The style of citing those references is also necessary to be known.

How Can You Learn To Cite References In The Bibliography

Although a student doesn’t have to draft the bibliography on his own like a word to word typing. Instead of that these days automatic citation feature has eased it up. All you have to do is select the type of citation style you want and it will adjust the entire document accordingly as per your needs. Still you may need to adjust the bibliography as per some structural needs. This is why it is important for you to have a look at the sample bibliography for better understanding. If your citation style is MLA then look for a bibliography relevant to this style. If you are required to write a bibliography in Harvard or Chicago then look for a sample that explains either of these citation styles.

Looking a sample can help you very well. You will be able to explore different dynamics of a bibliography and it will answer a lot of questions that you have in your mind. It will also allow you to understand and learn different things that are not in your mind.



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