Tips For Writing An Essay In APA Format

Essay writing in APA format is not difficult when it comes to the content but sometimes when you are assigned an essay writing task at a higher academic level your piece of writing needs to be cited. Any statement that you write cannot go with any ambiguity in it. That means anything that needs a quotation or a reference to be validated should be supported with a reference. The format and style to cite that reference can be different as there are different formats of citation widely accepted by colleges and universities throughout the world.

APA citation style is a format that is famous and known very widely in the entire world. It is the abbreviation of American Psychological association and hence this is where all these standards are dictated or proposed. This is a set standard that expert psychologists have set after a careful analysis of human reading and comprehending behavior that is spread over a period of decades.

This type of an essay also needs to be formatted in a way that right from the beginning it portrays the APA format standard. From beginning until the end your paper has to follow the given format and style as recommended and proposed by the APA standards.

  • Introduction

Your essay introduction should be impressive and captivating for the reader. You know this is an academic piece of work and the only reader of your essay is an academic tutor. His interest is not your story line or the title selected but it’s your academic tone, flow and essence of writing that matters to him. Therefore a little background of the title selected and something related to the story that lead to the events should be included as the opening part of your essay.

  • Plot and main body

The real story that matters should be written using literary devices. Remember that this is an English language class and your writing skills in the light of literary sense is being observed. That is the main objective of your tutor and the entire course instructors etc. Make sure that the vocabulary you use is suitable to an academic piece of work. The relativity and flow in the writing should be phenomenal.

  • Climax and conclusion

The story line’s real part that can grab the interest of an ordinary reader should be your last paragraph. A standard APA style essay is consisted of 3 paragraphs or lets say it should be consisted of 3 paragraphs. While this is where you end up the essay in a meaningful way instead of a lame way.

  • Citations

When it comes to cite the references APA style requires a dedicated page where you can collectively mention all the citations. It is also recommended to cite the reference right after the sentence completion where necessary. It follows the Author, Date combination for the citing of references where needed.

For example if you mention the rate of accidents in a state of US or another region you need to properly mention the source following the format as (Author, Date of the publication of the source). Statements that need cited sources, if are found uncited then your APA standards are not met by the essay.

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